The band wave to earth offers the best tunes to listen to while studying. (Illustration by Junanna Chen)
Fountain Valley High School

Review: Lose track of time with wave to earth’s indie music

Imagine sitting in a cafe doing homework while music plays in the background. Sweeping the room with melodic, indie tunes is wave to earth, a Korean indie band.

The members of wave to earth take their individual photos in a photoshoot. (Photos courtesy of wave to earth / Collage by Anneliese Duong)

I initially found the band from a playlist on YouTube and immediately fell in love after listening to “seasons,” a very calm and chill song. wave to earth consists of three members: vocalist and guitarist Daniel Kim, bassist John Cha and drummer Shin Dongkyu.

Despite being a Korean band, all of their lyrics are in English — breaking the small gap between language barriers. Each song radiates different sensations that range from dreamy love tracks and upbeat songs to sad, mellow beats. The next 10 songs are the band’s top songs according to their monthly listeners on Spotify.



Considering that this song is their most listened to, it uses a signature theme for wave to earth love. Even in their live performance, the atmosphere is comforting and dreamy. “light” is a great introduction to the band’s music as it sets the bar for the next songs, though they always manage to raise the bar even higher.


“seasons” is a song you would fall asleep to as it is slow and gentle. The song is a part of the album, “summer flows 0.02,” which is recommended to play in your room for the best listening experience. “seasons” is personally my favorite and one that I recommend to first-time listeners.


Like ocean waves, the song is very upbeat and Kim’s soothing voice blends in with the instrumental. In this song, instruments play a large part as they add suspense at certain parts to create an animated beat for listeners to enjoy. If you’re feeling down, this song will certainly brighten your mood.


Similar to “light,” “wave” is also a soft love song that is about falling in love with a girl. Kim displays a different tone of voice to match the calmness of being at the shore. Like all of wave to earth’s songs, instrumental tunes empower the melody so that listeners can feel the various emotions the band hopes to project.


“ride” is the only song with Korean lyrics in the band’s discography but it does not disappoint. The guitar beautifully goes along with the beat of the drums and Kim’s vocals tie it all together to create a harmony like no other.


“pueblo” is wave to earth’s latest single and another upbeat song that always makes me bob my head. The song incorporates the saxophone, guitar and drums to play melodic tunes while Kim sings his heart out.

purple lake

“purple lake” is a groovy song that is also drum-heavy. The climax of the last chorus is the highlight as all of the instruments harmonize together. In this song, Dongkyu’s skillful drumming is accentuated a lot more.


“bonfire” and “purple lake” are similar yet different at the same time. While “purple lake” goes from soft to heavy and back to soft, Kim, Cha and Dongkyu are a lot more gentle in their instrumental playing in “bonfire.” It is only until the end that Dongkyu plays the drums a little more aggressively. Listening to this in a cafe is the best way to describe the vibe wave to earth gives off with the song.

ocean floor

Beginning with a sort of delicate instrumental, “ocean floor” transports you to the beach in the comfort of your home. If you liked “ride” or “wave,” this song will suit your taste.


After hearing “bird” for the first time, it was very different in comparison to the other songs. Instead of the typical beachy intro, the song starts off with a futuristic tune to mimic a tropical setting. “bird” is lyrically interesting as Kim sings about envying a bird and its freedom.

wave to earth is truly a hidden gem and is also a big step towards the indie and K-indie music scenes. Seemingly, every song showcases each members’ specialty. The best part about their music is the use of instruments; they always find a way to incorporate different sounds while maintaining their distinct style. Whether it be in your home, at a beach, in a cafe or in a car, wave to earth will always bring you to a calm state of being.