Nanno captures the attention of her audience in every episode of “Girl from Nowhere.” (Image courtesy of SOUR Bangkok)
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Review: Reveal your deepest secrets in ‘Girl from Nowhere’

Writer’s note: This article contains content that is intended for mature audiences and includes spoilers for “Girl from Nowhere.” 

If a girl with short, black hair named Nanno enters your school as a new student, run. Her iconic laugh and smirk are embedded in Netflix’s original series, “Girl from Nowhere.”

In this mysterious and dark show, Nanno goes to a different school every episode to expose the lies and misdeeds that her classmates and teachers kept hidden. However, there are several triggers such as sexual assault, suicide, death, bullying and violence, to name a few.

From breaking apart friendships and relationships to unveiling cheaters and rapists, each episode showcases different issues that end with karma getting the best of the characters.


“Girl from Nowhere,” from the beginning until the end, is a jaw-dropper. I felt several emotions ranging from sadness and anger to irritation and worry. Each episode fills you with anticipation, leaving you on the tips of your toes wondering what move Nanno will pull on her targets next.

Nanno truly embodies karma because everyone gets a chance to undo and/or stop their misdeeds, except they never take advantage of the opportunity. Every life ruined is met with satisfaction for viewers.

Some episodes still play in my mind because of how good they were in showcasing visuals, themes and noteworthy highlights:

Still from Season 1, Episode 2 “Apologies” on Netflix (40:19). (Image courtesy of SOUR Bangkok)

Season 1, Episode 2: Apologies 

In this episode, Nanno attracts three basketball players who, along with two jealous girls, get Nanno drunk so that the boys can have fun with her in bed. But of course, Nanno always has the upper hand and ends up being the one hysterically laughing at the students.

The shocking moment is when she exhibits supernatural abilities. When the students try to get rid of her, she somehow reappears alive and well, as if nothing ever happened.

“Apologies” made me question who Nanno is and where she even came from. It’s the perfect opening for the following episodes that display more of her subtle supernatural powers.

Students wear Hanno masks to show their deep involvement with the school’s best couple. (Image courtesy of SOUR Bangkok)

Season 1, Episode 5: Social Love

Imagine having the whole school obsess over your relationship. In “Social Love,” that imagination becomes a reality. Though the most popular boy in school, Hann, has a girlfriend, he finds joy in people’s attention when he gets paired with Nanno as the school couple. His girlfriend questions their relationship as things get out of hand until it all ends with Nanno and Hann staying together forever.

The episode ends with the “couple’s” followers chanting “Hanno,” which is their ship name. Creepy is how I would describe this sensation.

Still from Season 1, Episode 6 “Wonderwall Part 1” on Netflix (8:36). (Image courtesy of SOUR Bangkok)

Season 1, Episodes 6-7: Wonderwall 

Split into two parts, “Wonderwall” is all about jealousy. Focused on a biased manager, Bam, for the boys’ soccer team, Nanno joins her as co-manager. Jealous of how quickly Nanno captured her crush’s attention, Bam runs to the restroom and writes on the wall what she wants out of spite. She realizes the writings manifest themselves and this realization spreads rapidly across campus. By the time she understood the dangers of exposing the magic of the writings on the wall, it was too late.

Left on a cliffhanger, we see Bam face the consequences of her actions.

Still from Season 1, Episode 8 “Lost and Found” on Netflix (14:23). (Image courtesy of SOUR Bangkok)

Season 1, Episode 8: Lost and Found

This episode is my absolute pick of the entire series. It’s a change from Nanno’s typical heartless demeanor. Centering around TK, who shoplifts and steals for his father’s attention, he is not like other people Nanno targeted — he genuinely cares about those around him. Because of Nanno, TK wanted to bail out of their robbery plan so that she wouldn’t get in trouble.

“Lost and Found” reminds me of a coming-of-age film than the standard dark theme that the TV series presents. We finally see that Nanno does have some human-like emotions in her, for she cares about TK.

Her signature laugh at the end of the episode is replaced with a sad expression, which is the most tragic thing to watch as a viewer of “Girl from Nowhere.” She knew that she had to leave him sooner or later. The memories and feelings are irreplaceable for both individuals.

To put it simply, it’s a love story with a sad ending.

High school alumni gather around Nanno, confused. (Image courtesy of SOUR Bangkok)

Season 1, Episodes 12-13: BFF

Also divided into two parts, the first season ends disturbingly. During a high school reunion, alumni reminisce about their encounter with “Psycho Nanno.” The twist, though, is when Nanno shows up at their reunion. She reveals the secrets of every alumnus as well as makes them believe that she spiked their drinks.

From this point on, bloodshed erupts and these best friends forever are not so much BFFs anymore.

Final thoughts

Without a doubt, “Girl from Nowhere” will leave you on the edge of your seat with all of its suspense at every second. Every individual who Nanno destroys is a reminder for us to be mindful of our actions.