Review: Solve a mystery alongside Netflix’s ‘Enola Holmes’

Plenty changed for all of us since last spring, including the closure of movie theaters due to COVID-19. The excitement from an action-packed sequence, the shock of a plot twist and the new life perspective after watching something impactful through the big screen are all sensations we miss from going out to watch movies. It may feel like a long time before we experience that again, but Netflix’s new Original “Enola Holmes” provides fulfillment for what we’ve been deprived of.

The movie is a period piece set in England and written like the times of the late 1800s, during the same time the women’s suffrage movement took place in England and the United States. Since it takes place during this time period and features two strong female leads, Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) and Eudora Holmes (Helena Bonham Carter), the movie does an excellent job of highlighting the fact that a smart detective can be not only male but female as well.

This movie is well written to connect with audiences from everywhere. The plot is easy to follow, but it’s interesting. “Enola Holmes” starts off with one conflict and just a few characters and then progresses to add on more characters and more conflicts that intertwine with each other. The story is told in the first person by Enola herself, so audiences get to experience her journey alongside her.

“Enola Holmes” also has some unexpected plot twists and betrayals that will leave viewers with their mouths wide open in shock. The writers really leave the audiences unprepared for whatever happens next and that gives the story a new of surprise.

Aside from the story, the cast of “Enola Holmes” is beyond amazing. The leading actors are also fan favorites, including “Superman” star Henry Cavill playing Sherlock Holmes and “Hunger Games” actor Sam Claflin playing Mycroft Holmes. The actors are British, making the movie even more authentic.

Another aspect of “Enola Holmes” that stood out was the costumes. Every costume, from a poor peasant on the street to the richest duke and duchess, was beautifully made. Enola’s costumes, vibrant with color, beauty and character, change a lot throughout the movie and make the movie complete. These costumes have the right amount of detail to make the audiences feel like they are watching actual footage from the time period.

The sets and the props in “Enola Holmes” were crucial to bringing the movie to life alongside the costumes. From the floral and lace patterns on the couches and sheets to the vibrant paint colors of the walls to the liveliness of the streets of London, the looks and the settings of the movie are mesmerizing. Even though the setting itself isn’t an actual character in the movie, its beauty propels the story forward in a way that few period movies can achieve.

“Enola Holmes” is a movie that many audiences will enjoy watching. Enola’s growth and development as a character, from a teenage girl to a young woman trying to find her place in a patriarchal society, is an inspiration to not only teenagers but to everyone who is trying to find their purpose and place in everyday life.

This movie is rated PG-13 for graphic fight scenes.

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