Fountain Valley High School

Roaming Reporter: FV students weigh in on on new Chromebook plan

After FVHS implemented the new Chromebook plan, each student has been given a Chromebook as an attempt to integrate the classroom learning environment with equal access to technology.

Now that the plan is currently in motion, we asked students around campus for their honest opinions on each having a Chromebook, and whether it’s an academic improvement or deterrent in comparison to last year.

“I think the Chromebooks are very good because we use them in our classes a lot. Now that technology is becoming a more important part of school, it’s nice to have a device that we can use in class,” junior Sandra Nguyen said.

Junior Michelle Pham said she feels Chromebooks don’t make much of a difference in her education.

“I feel that teachers are kind of reluctant to change their style of teaching, so that doesn’t really make a difference in how we’re taught. We’re still writing in notebooks, most of our assignments are still on paper, so I don’t really think it changed anything,” Pham said.

Michelle Pham is a junior at Fountain Valley High School. (Photo by Arden Nguyen)

Junior Ryan Nguyen said he would rather be allowed to use his personal laptop in the classroom.

“Otherwise, I think it is a nice improvement, I guess,” Ryan Nguyen said.

Junior Lucas Chis said he was originally disappointed with the idea of digital textbooks, but realized students would still have regular books. 

Lucas Chis is a junior at Fountain Valley High School. (Photo by Arden Nguyen)

“I don’t like looking online too much, but as soon as we got our Chromebooks, I realized that we got our textbooks again, which is awesome. The Chromebooks are actually really nice because if you’re in the middle of class and you’re working on a Google Doc, you don’t have to turn it off or put it back in, you could just hold onto it and work on it immediately after class,” Chis said.

Senior Ava Rahgoshay admitted not owning a computer has previously been her “go-to excuse” for getting out of homework, but she said she’s grateful for her Chromebook. 

Ava Rahgoshay is a senior at Fountain Valley High School. (Photo by Arden Nguyen)

“I stan the computers, you know? It’s really nice of the school to give it to us. I appreciate it mucho, we love [it]. Reppin’ FV every day,” Rahgoshay said.

Junior Nhien Mai said the Chromebooks help with portability and increase learning potential. 

“I think it’s a learning improvement because it helps a lot of people who don’t have Chromebooks at home. For me, it’s a lot more convenient to have a laptop to bring around everywhere, because my laptop is really heavy and I don’t like carrying it around the house. So, it’s nice to just have a small Chromebook,” Mai said.