Seniors Tuan Truong and Vicente Presilla collaborate to find the dimensions of a lego. Photo by Jennifer Nguyen.
Fountain Valley High School

ROP spotlight: Engineering innovations

Students are encouraged to take Regional Occupation Program (ROP) courses as they provide hands-on training that typically isn’t offered in high school classes.

One of the courses provided by Coastline Community College is called Engineering Innovations. In this course, students learn to use the SolidWorks CAD software to help invent, design and 3D print products, as well as to program an Arduino board. By the end of the course, students will be given the opportunity to become a Certified SolidWorks Associate by passing the industry-recognized SolidWorks CSWA exam.

Currently, only three students from FVHS are enrolled in the course, including senior Tuan Truong. Truong enrolled in the course because he was interested in a career in the engineering field.

“I first heard about Engineering Innovations from my guidance counselor and after seeing how the class is like, I recommend this class for students who want a hands-on experience with engineering. Because the class is three hours long, you have a lot more time to absorb the information that the instructor gives you and you get a better feel of what college is going to be like,” Truong said.

Throughout the course, students will complete small projects that reflect the lessons and skills that they have learned. The class is a great way to learn about the basics of technical product development as it doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

For those who are still unsure as to which career they want to pursue, taking a ROP course is a great way to explore your career options.

For more information about the different ROP courses that FVHS has to offer, be sure to talk to a guidance counselor or Marvene Sanders in the College and Career Center.

-By Eden LaClair and Jennifer Nguyen, Staff Writers