Simu Liu speaks at a press conference for release of his new movie Shang-Chi. Image by Gage Skidmore [CC BY-SA 2.0].

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Shang-Chi is MCU’s newest superhero

Marvel's new superhero, Shang-Chi has earned high remarks due to the unique characteristics of this movie from Asian representation to its realistic storyline.
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Ansharah Asif

January 26, 2022

Many Marvel superfans have anticipated the release of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” which was officially released on Sept. 3. From its unique storyline to its diverse characters, this movie has earned an audience score of 93%

“Shang-Chi,” starring Simu Liu, Awkwafina, Tony Leung, Fala Chen and Michelle Yeoh, portrays a martial arts master who was trained as an assassin by his family. Shang-Chi, who is portrayed by none other than Liu, is now forced to confront his past when a terrorist organization known as Ten Rings, led by his father, Wenwu, comes pulling him in.

One unique aspect of this new Marvel movie, is Shang Chi, is the first Asian superhero.

“Simu Liu playing Marvel’s first Asian superhero really opened doors for future possibilities and it made it all the more interesting to watch,” said Fountain Valley High School senior Emroz Sandhu.

In addition to the movie’s representation of Asian culture, another loved aspect of this movie is its unique portrayal of action scenes. 

“The action scenes were sequenced in such detail and with that the main focus being martial arts technique. The combat scenes, along with the different angles and climatic background music had me constantly at the edge of my seat,” said Fountain Valley sophomore Umaiza Asif.

Another unique feature to note about the movie is its unique storyline. Shang Chi isn’t your typical superhero all about saving the world and humanity but rather confronting his own past. In many ways, most of us can relate to Shang Chi as he struggles to work through what his parents had instilled in him since he was young and took charge of his own fate.

And finally, as if anyone could miss the amount of girl power that drives this movie to one of Marvel’s top superhero movies. Shang Chi’s friend, Katy, his sister Xialing, to his Aunt Nan and his mother Li, have as much power and drive as the men do in most action scenes. 

It was nice to see that the female characters were not portrayed as side characters or supporting characters and had a main role and served as the motivation and muscle alongside the main characters. 

“Shang-Chi was so interesting to watch, and the fact that there was so much representation of female power it only made the movie more eye-catching,” said Fountain Valley senior Layal Fateh.