The entrance greets visitors with blossoming pink flowers.
Fountain Valley High School

Spring at the Los Angeles Arboretum

Botanical gardens are a must-see during the springtime. The Arboretum, located in Arcadia, Calif., is in full bloom, presenting many different flowers and plants to its visitors.

Cruise through this photo gallery to see the refreshing scenery.

All photos by Anneliese Duong.

A peacock spreads its vibrant feathers out while birds chirp in the background.
The breeze of the early morning brings joy to those walking around the gardens.
Located in “Aquatic Gardens” is Meyberg Waterfall, where visitors can rest on the benches to enjoy the view.
Above Meyberg Waterfall is a glorious view of all the plants the Arboretum has.
A closeup of white flowers with purple petals on the outside.
A turtle rests on a rock.