(Images courtesy of Netflix, Hulu, Disney and Amazon)
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Opinion: Streaming subscriptions aren’t worth it anymore

Disney recently released a sneak peek at their new video streaming service, offering a variety of film and TV content all owned by the Walt Disney set to launch later this year.

It’s an amazing deal to pay such a little amount to access so much content, but with the arrival of yet another streaming service as a “solution” for TV watchers to “cut the cord,” it’s clear that there are way too many streaming services for us to catch up with.

Roughly a decade ago, streaming services started from simply Netflix or Hulu as being the primary sources for people to watch their choice of TV or movies from their own accounts. The average user used Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime at the absolute most.

Now, there are hundreds of different streaming services across America, including YouTube Red, SlingTV, Apple TV+ being only some of the main contenders.

Streaming TV initially started as a simple method of watching your favorite movies and shows without having to pay the overly expensive price of Cable TV, but recurring bills and fees from a bunch of different subscriptions are starting to look like the same thing, especially with the increasing monthly fees.

It used to be simple when Netflix or Hulu ran the streaming service game, but now it’s gotten harder to keep track of what every service offers especially when they keep pulling and adding new movies and shows.

Instead of paying only one company for a variety of entertainment, you’re paying a bunch of different ones. Frankly, it doesn’t seem worth it to try to research and compare every single service available.

Cable TV is inconvenient and expensive, to sum it up, and while streaming services promise to be a virtual escape from that, they’re starting to end up as the same thing.

At this rate, it might as well be simpler that we go back to pirating our entertainment.