Fountain Valley High School

Teachers dish Valentine’s Day advice

With Valentine’s Day happening during the Presidents’ Day Weekend, Fountain Valley High School (FVHS) teachers gave advice about this day of love to Barons.

While many Barons feel obligated to treat their significant other to a traditional elaborate dinner and an ornate date, some may have the funds to do so. Teachers share some last-minute cost-efficient ways to treat your other half without flattening your wallet.

Photo by Edward Fahman
Sheila Bunten recommends that you should step away from store-bought cards. Photo by Edward Fahman

“You can make homemade cards, or write poems to each other. You can make dinner at home or take a lunch at the park,” said Spanish teacher, Sheila Bunten.

Many teachers also recommend to make your own cards to signify the time and dedication you put in.

“I also found making your own card works out very well,” said Spanish teacher, Gerardo Gonzalez. “I learned that if you take out the time to make your card, she or he will appreciate it a lot more than something that is store-bought.”

History teacher, Dave Uribe, also recommends taking the opportunity of going near the ocean. He believes that it is not about the quantity you spend on the other person, but the quality of time you spend with.

“Go to the beach, hangout. Have a deep conversation,” said Uribe. “Don’t worry, don’t go overboard. If the person you’re expecting is expecting that, then maybe they’re not exactly the right person for you… just as long as you care and put out the effort, that’s what matters.”

For the single Barons, don’t feel left out. Gonzalez has some advice for you, too.

“If you’re single, just spend the day like you would any other day. Don’t let society bring you down. Don’t let society dictate that it’s a sad day,” said Gonzalez.

Ruth Nguyen ('17) tries to plan for Valentine's Day among her schoolwork. Photo by Christine Cao
Ruth Nguyen (’17) tries to plan for Valentine’s Day among her schoolwork. Photo by Christine Cao


–Steve Phan and Viet Vu, Staff Photographers