Plant Power Fast Food’s entirely plant based menu introduces a modern and environmentally conscious approach to the fast food industry. (Photo by Katie Vo)


The future of fast food is vegan

Plant Power Fast Food offers a cruelty-free, sustainable option for fast food with locations in Fountain Valley and Long Beach.
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Katie Vo

February 22, 2022
Going vegan just got a little more convenient.

As more people become increasingly aware of what they consume, major fast-food chains are starting to provide plant-based options on their menus like the McPlant at McDonald’s and the Beyond Fried Chicken, KFC’s exclusive plant-based chicken. 

Just three blocks south of Fountain Valley High School, Plant Power Fast Food opened its new location a little over a year ago. The modern, vegan fast-food chain adheres to an environmentally conscious mission to encourage the transition away from America’s current reliance on animal agriculture, “changing the world, one burger at a time.” 

With menu options ranging from ‘chicken wrap’ to an assortment of burgers, there is something available for anyone wishing to indulge in comfort food without the gluttonous feeling. 

One of their signature options, the Iconic Burger, has the reminiscent style of a classic In-N-Out cheeseburger. Sandwiched between two buns is a “beefy” patty made of soy (which can be substituted for a bean patty), lettuce, tomato slices, pickles, grilled onions, “cheese,” and a secret sauce that tastes like Thousand Island dressing.

The caramelized onions perfectly complement the melted vegan American “cheese” that oozes on the patty. After one mouthwatering bite, you won’t believe that it’s made without meat or dairy. 

The menu offers a unique selection of beverages including a dairy-free horchata coffee-flavored “milkshake,” and various flavors of kombucha floats, a creative and healthier alternative to traditional root beer floats that will promote gut health from all the probiotics.

Plant Power Fast Food is reinventing the fast food industry from a culture of meat overconsumption in America to a culture of cruelty-free and sustainable consumption, one vegan burger at a time.

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