Fountain Valley High School

The Spanish Club hosts a wonderful night of authentic music and dancing

The Spanish Club hosted a concert on Apr. 10 from 5 to 7 p.m., giving students the opportunity to earn culture points for their Spanish class, and spend time with friends.

The price was only $5, which is very cheap, considering the Spanish club had to pay for the live merengue band while still raising funds for their club.

About half an hour prior to the concert, there was a quick and simple merengue dance lesson taught by Daizy Becerra and Pedro Becerra. The dance lesson was free of charge and as long as a couple of friends tagged along to dance, it was well worth considering to go.

The night started out slow with everyone clustered in each of their friend groups munching away on their $5 tacos and pan dulce, both tasty and cheap, while listening to the merengue music playing from a live band.

The music set a lively tone and the players clearly seemed energetic and into the music, despite the lack of dancing and participation in general from the students. The band playing wasn’t phenomenal, but it was decent. The band also only had pieces that filled an hour of the time and the second half of the concert, they repeated most of the songs.

About 30 minutes into the concert, Spanish teacher Adriana Acosta threatened students to participate and dance otherwise no credit for Spanish culture projects will be given. A flurry of students stood up and started to unwillingly dance near the front of the bowl at first. It took about another half an hour for everyone to get more comfortable and attempt to dance merengue style. A couple of times throughout the concert, people would start long conga lines which was fun to jump into.

Since the concert was only two hours, it didn’t take up that much time and students could eat dinner during the concert. However, it was quite odd to host the concert on a Monday. Many people didn’t want to attend because of the date.

If there was another event similar to this in the next few years or so, it would still be open to question whether I go or no despite all the fun I had. Since I attended this year, I wouldn’t get Spanish culture points for this next year and most if not all students present were there for the culture points.

But if you’re willing enough to get culture points, don’t have too much going on that day and haven’t gone yet, I recommend going next year because you have the opportunity to get a project done and have fun at the same time.