Best friends Timothy Thinh, left, and Jimmy Russell, right, are the owners of Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash, a mobile car wash and detailing service. (Photo by Natalie Tran)
Fountain Valley High School

Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash work to clean their city one car at a time

With movie theaters and amusement parks closed and concerts and festivals canceled due to COVID-19, our typical carefree summer is nonexistent. But instead of sitting on your couch watching dust collect on your kitchen counter, take advantage of this free time by doing some summer cleaning!

Maybe you’ve already cleaned your entire house by now, but there’s probably something you haven’t cleaned yet: your car. It’s not easy to clean a car by yourself, so instead of spending a ton of time searching for cleaning products and watching how-to videos, you can rely on Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash to do it all for you.

Timothy Thinh and Jimmy Russell, best friends and incoming Fountain Valley High School seniors, started their mobile car wash and detailing service in early June. Their business venture began when Jimmy encountered a problem washing his own car earlier in the year.

“Jimmy had such a big car and couldn’t take it to the local wash,” Thinh said. “Therefore, I decided to help him wash his car. After that, we came up with an idea to start washing and detailing other peoples’ cars.”

For less than $60, Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash ensure your car is clear of road residue and the toughest of stains through an exterior wash and a surgical interior detailing. From tire dressings to air freshener installments, they guarantee that every nook and cranny of your car is spotless.

“I had my Model 3 detailed by Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash and am beyond satisfied with the results,” said Holly Lam, a client of Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash. “My car was spotless—even the places that car washes usually miss. I really appreciate their attention to detail. To top it all off, they are super affordable!”

Another customer, Aubrey Querry, said her car was “fresher than ever” thanks to the work Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash did on her vehicle.

“Both of them were hardworking, very respectful and had excellent attention to detail,” Querry said. “They even went above and beyond and provided a complimentary air freshener!”

With the endless amount of positive feedback the business gets, there’s no doubt that Russell and Thinh are off to a great start in their business. Of course, the support comes from the hard work they’ve put in.

Jump-starting Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash was no simple task for the boys. Russell and Thinh spent hours researching the right products to use and how to detail cars properly. The first time they washed a car, they dealt with every car washer’s worst obstacle: dog hair.

“Fortunately, we learned the best ways to get rid of it,” Russell and Thinh said. “We learned to adapt and overcome.”

Although getting their business up and running was difficult, they received immense support from their parents. From purchasing supplies to introducing clients, Russell and Thinh’s parents played an enormous role in helping them successfully begin their entrepreneurship journey.

“Our parents helped us tremendously,” Russell said. “They backed us 100% and helped us with our business plans, as well as [giving] us good advice.”

To Russell and Thinh, the best part about their business is having the opportunity to control their schedules while also getting work experience over the summer. The ability to be their own bosses and have fun along the way is their definition of success.

“For now, our goal is to be the best at car detailing, grow our brand, and have a blast while making money over the summer,” Russell and Thinh said. “Life doesn’t get better than that.”

Here’s how you can schedule an appointment with Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash:

Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash posts pricing and results on their Instagram @timmyandjimmycarwash. To book a service appointment, you can contact them through direct message on Instagram, their Facebook page Timmy and Jimmy Car Wash or their phone number at 714-655-4021.