ASB students introduce themselves as leaders of the school. (Photo by John Le)
Fountain Valley High School

Two ASB seniors removed from office

Two seniors, the ASB president and the activities coordinator, were removed from their positions in Fountain Valley High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB).

ASB advisor Andrea Atkinson declined to comment specifically on the students or the situation other than to say the ASB website had been updated.

The two ASB seniors declined to comment for this story.

Atkinson did explain the the process by which a student might be removed from ASB.

“Any member of the associated student body may be removed at any time with sufficient cause,” said Atkinson. “The process is usually they meet with exec and they’ll have a whole conversation with exec as a whole team, and then it goes to the advisors.”

Atkinson explained that in any case a student would receive warnings and probation before their removal.

“I’m working with students to reach out to teachers to get all the support they need in order to be successful and be back on ASB because that’s what we want,” Atkinson said.

If a student’s behavior or academic performance continues to be poor after the probation, Atkinson and Kelly Skon, assistant principal of activities, will ultimately decide whether the student will be removed from office or not.

The ASB constitution states that students can be removed from office for “excessive truancy, neglect of duty, misconduct, or other actions deemed intolerable (either on or off campus, or on social media).”

Atkinson explained that, as leaders for the school, ASB students are more visible and held to a higher standard. ASB applicants sign a code of conduct when applying for the class which stipulates that they must “maintain a 2.5 GPA with no D’s or F’s” and keep their conduct “beyond reproach at all times.”

While no new students will be added to ASB to fill the vacant seats, ASB’s vice president will step in as president for the rest of the school year.


Editor’s note: This article was originally published in the February 2019 issue of the Baron Banner. It was edited on 2/25/19 to clarify Atkinson’s comments.