Fountain Valley High School

Vandalism tags the walls of Fountain Valley High School

Marc Trocchio, assistant principal of supervision at Fountain Valley High School (FVHS), sent out a mass email to all staff members regarding information about recent vandalism at FVHS. The email had an attached photo of a specific graffiti sign, spelling out “Santo.”

“The two biggest taggers are known as Santo and Cripto,” said Trocchio. “They’ve been the biggest nuisance in the last couple of years.”

Vandalism stands as an issue for FVHS for as long as the school has been built, however, this problem has recently caught attention of many staff members and supervision. In previous years, tagging, a form of vandalism, has occurred two to three times a month. Trocchio said the school spends about $2,000 to $5,000 a year cleaning graffiti and other mishaps.

He decided to email all staff members because catching the culprit in action is a rare occurrence.

“Getting the awareness out there to a community of about 3,800 people of teachers and staff and students, someone’s going to see something,” said Trocchio.

Photo by Brandon Nguyen, Staff Photographer

Trocchio states that the purpose of it is to bring awareness to our school population, and hopefully find out more information about the tagging. Also, a $50-reward gift card will be given to anyone that has information leading to the culprit.

“Bringing more awareness, teachers see student notebooks and doodles, and things like that,” said Trocchio, “Often times, taggers are trying to perfect their tag by just doodling around in class.”

Information is shared with Officer Castille, Fountain Valley Police Department (FVDP) officer. According to Castille, the tagging has not only occurred at school but throughout the community.

At the moment, there are no suspects for the tagging. Several students that were known for such behavior were questioned, but all were of no use to their investigation. However, when the culprit is caught, that individual will be arrested and charged $60 per tag.

“What we want to do, is empower the students because you guys are the frontlines of knowing who’s who and a lot of times, the way we catch taggers is because a student will step up, see it happen, or know it’s happening and give us the information we need,” said Trocchio.

–Linh Nguyen, Judy Hua and Agnes Chang