Fountain Valley High School

Yasir Khaleq establishes himself as one of FVHS’s best photographers

Yasir Khaleq has recently swept FVHS by a storm with his recent homecoming shoots, establishing himself as one of the best photographers on campus. His photography is methodically complex, yet simply beautiful. He ceaselessly pushes beyond the bounds of common photography.

“There were no photographers for Boys’ Soccer, and I just really wanted to write an article for Boys’ Soccer. So, I got my first camera in December, 2015. It was a Nikon D3200. It was an impulse buy. I drained my entire savings account. But, I loved it. It was only a rabbit hole from there,” says Khaleq.

With his new camera, Khaleq began taking pictures for other students and for Baron News. Khaleq seeks to elevate work with every photo he takes, improving his composition, understanding of camera settings and abstract creativity.

“I just took a lot of photos, and with each one, I slowly got better and better. But, a major turning point was when I was hired by Fountain Valley Living magazine as an intern writer and photographer in June 2016.”

Hired by Fountain Valley Living magazine, Khaleq was now working professionally on and off work. He was also chosen as Key Club’s historian, working with photographer Matt Bui. Students quickly caught wind of Khaleq’s photography, hiring him for a various photo shoots.

“Through word from friends and my published work online, people were hiring me for photo shoots for things like homecoming and prom. Recently, I did a lot of work for homecoming this year, probably the most ever,” said Khaleq.

Khaleq actively seeks to push the boundaries of his art, constantly working to find new ways to develop new meanings in photography. With such determination and experience, Khaleq has solidified his position as FVHS’s most prolific photographer.

“I am always improving. There will never be an end. That’s the fundamental essence to passion.”

-By Dzuy Nguyen, Writer