High School Insider summer intern Elijah Alavazo is a graduate of Carson High School and will study communications at Cal State Long Beach in the fall. (Mel Melcon / L.A. Times)
John H. Francis Polytechnic High School

Through journalism, Elijah Alavazo hopes to highlight the culture of his hometown

On the path to discovering his passion, Carson High School alumnus Elijah Alavazo immersed himself in different forms of media — from video games to YouTube videos to just browsing the web. Alavazo’s taste for media earned him the technology editor position for his school newspaper in his senior year of high school.

Another motivating factor for Alavazo’s involvement in journalism is the diversity in his hometown of Carson.

“There’s a lot of stories you can find on any street corner, any person, any event — there’s always a story to tell,” Alavazo said. “That inclusiveness just … it just gets me excited. I’m an outgoing person; I want to know things about other people.”

The rising Cal State Long Beach freshman described himself as friendly and charismatic, always laughing and joking with anyone he meets. Alavazo said he is social and likes to know what everyone likes and dislikes, making sure to be mindful of everyone’s limits.

Alberto Diaz, Alavazo’s close friend from school, praises Alavazo for his fearless personality.

“He’s not afraid to meet new people. He’s very outspoken,” Diaz said. “He likes to speak his mind, and I look up to him in that regard.”

Alavazo said he knows he can turn to his friends during difficult times in his life. He credits them with helping him become confident.

“They kind of helped me move up in life and grow as a person … they made me who I am today,” he said.

Alavazo is still unsure about his plans for the future.

“I’m still experimenting. I’m still learning about myself,” Alavazo said. “I really believe that journalism is really cool and interesting.”