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2018 Winter Olympics recap

As technology is growing, a huge rise in technology and sportsmanship was featured in this years’ 2018 Winter Olympics. In PyeongChang, the opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics was filled with an elaborate show of light, sound and dance. PyeongChang is being hosted in south korea in the 23rd winter olympics.

Competition for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics began on February 8 and the close ceremony took place on February 25 South Korea won the right to hold the Winter Olympics in after two unsuccessful attempts to held it in the country they beat the top bids France and Germany Pyeongchang, which was located 80 miles in the capital Seoul and 60 miles south demilitarized zone devising South and North Korea.

The opening ceremony took place at Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium the stadium can seat 35,000 spectators the Pyeongchang village is housing up to 3,894 athletes and teams it has been the 2nd time they’ve held the Olympics in South Korea Seoul was the host city for the summer Olympics in 1988 the first Winter Olympics was held in Chamonix, France, 1924.

The Winter Olympics featured 102 events and 15 sports disciplines the sports included bobsledding, curling, figure skating, luge, snowboard and ski jumping the international committee added new events to the 2K18 Winter Olympics like freestyle snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and speed skating . Russia is banned from attending the 2K18 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics the Olympics committee said that they cannot participate the games because they think One of Russia contender Kremlin of doping cover up but they still don’t have evidence for them to confirme that he is guilty.

A South Korean designer named Lee Suk-Woo created the Winter Olympic medals for the 2018 games Inspired by the texture of tree trunks, the medals feature a design of dynamic diagonal lines and three dimensional characters from Hangeul, the Korean alphabet. The teal and red ribbon from which the medal hangs was made using Gapsa, a traditional South Korean fabric, and is embroidered with Hangeul patterns and other designs the gold medal weights about 586 grams a total of 259 medals. The mascot is a white tiger named Soohorang and he’s the mascot for South Korea.