Garfield Senior High School

A boy from East Los Angeles

My name is Isaac Medrano and I am currently a senior at James A. Garfield High school.

Growing up in East Los Angeles has been a mesmerizing experience despite some of the adversity that comes with it. Having the love and support of my family, I have been able to excel in academics and enjoy it.

During my junior year in high school, I joined the Academic Decathlon to figure out what I would like to pursue in my future and to incorporate myself into that competitive aspect of studying a certain topic. It is with Academic Decathlon that I learned what I truly love as well as what I will pursue in the near future: becoming a teacher in the fields of mathematics or social science.

Even though I would love to pursue either of those, writing is also something I love; from writing about current world events, to sports, or topics that people may not know that well.

It’s all so euphoric to know that somebody may have learned something from my writing.