Garfield Senior High School

A Jack of All Trades

My name is Brandy Juarez and I am currently a senior at James A. Garfield High School. I was born and raised in East Los Angeles, but my parents are from Mexico which means I am Mexican-American.

I take pride in serving my community and that makes me happy. I have always enjoyed many forms of art such as painting, writing, poetry, theatre, dance, and music. These forms of art have always allowed me to express myself. However, I most enjoy the art of painting because there is always something new to create and I get to use my wild imagination.

Besides enjoying the arts, I also enjoy playing tennis whether it is in school or out of it because it is one of my favorite ways to distress and interact with other friends. Another thing I enjoy doing is volunteering at my local library because I get to design programs to help engage teens and increase participation while learning something new.

Helping others has always been a reason as to why I make certain decisions. Many people have always put themselves first and that’s fine but if I can help a person along the way then I will because then I will create twice the success.

I like to take initiative in teams and groups because I have experience in getting people to work. I have learned the importance of time management and how precious every minute is. This is why I have learned to do the most I can do without fear because it is fear, not humans or circumstances, that stops us from becoming successful.

Overall, I am a teenager that enjoys many different activities but I also enjoy helping others.