A new beginning

I am not the only one to say that we are completely done with the school year, I have heard some of my own teachers say it too.  Now that the year is coming to an end it is time for us to prepare for next year. Freshmen will be sophomores, then later on juniors and finally seniors.

The current seniors at the moment need to get ready for the future that is ahead of them, as does the junior class. By now, we have all come to realize that when we were all once freshmen we wanted to graduate already, but looking back at it now the closer we get the less likely we are to want to leave. As a junior I already see myself not scared of the outside world, but more unprepared to leave the comfortable environment that I along with others have been surrounded in.

Ironically, I wanted to get my junior year over with and pass my classes, looking back now I would rather stay in a loop of that time and repeat it knowing it would be more of a safe bubble. My classmates have too felt the forthcoming pressure of our senior year, for some it has been the light in the end of the tunnel and for others it is a light that they wish they could turn their eyes away from.  It is time for all of us to get ready for what will be happening soon. The thought of graduation is exciting, yet a thought you can not get out of your head because the idea of it is inevitable.

Seniors will soon be graduating, many going to college, getting a job, and having a place to already live. The life of a young adult fresh out of high school is something that none of us can accurately imagine because we all have different life goals.  These adults will now have to follow the rules of society and live among experienced adults who have already gotten over their dilemma of being new to the outside world. Being ready is not about knowing what to save up for and what to buy. It is about how we decide to live our lives and make sure we do the right things.

High school to many students is an environment where they don’t want to leave because they established themselves with groups and made many friends that they may never see again. One of the reasons that these students do not want to leave is because they feel like they may no longer have any contact with some of their friends. With every ending comes a new beginning, one that will determine who we are and one that will allow us to be apart of something that we desire.

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