Garfield Senior High School

A piece of my life

Laura Martinez was born at Monterey Park Hospital on May 9, 1999, and raised in East Los Angeles. Her parents are Arsenio and Mercedes whom arrived from Mexico. Mercedes arrived when she was 16 and Arsenio when he was 19.

Martinez  is 18 years old and the fourth child out of nine. They all get along very well and assist each other when we needed with something like, for example, homework. Being the middle child, Martinez has had the responsibility of helping out with her little brothers and sisters. She also has to help her Mom with housework because it would be a lot for her to do herself.

Being a senior at Garfield High School for Martinez is kind of scary, but at the same time exciting. She would say scary because she’s about to graduate and go to college to study Criminology. On the other hand, it is exciting because she really wants to know about becoming a Crime Scene Investigator.

Her interest for Criminology started when she was 13 and started watching a television show called “Criminal Minds.” This show inspired her to make the decision to learn more about what she need to do to become a Crime Scene Investigator.

Trying to make a better future for herself by attending school, she knows for a fact that later on in the future she’ll be able to help her parents out. Then she’ll need to start and graduate college to start her career.