Garfield Senior High School

Op-Ed: A Starting Point

Every person has a beginning to their life. It could be a happy beginning or a sad one. Each beginning is a new experience for them. It can be a beginning on becoming a mother or a beginning of starting a new chapter in your life. However, as you continue to invest more time and work with what you have you will find new opportunities and experiences.

The conflict of starting a new beginning is getting used to everything that just occurred. For example, becoming a mother can be quite a difficult adjustment in your life. There will be less sleeping for the mother and more to worry about. The worry could be that their will be less money for them because they are going to spend it on their child. They have to watch over another human being and themselves. Another example, if you are starting a new chapter of your life is getting a job for the first time. This could be a good step to take when becoming independent to start buying your own things and stop relying on your parents.

Although, it can be difficult and great at the same time for those students who start their new chapter at college, they will learn to interact with new people and live within a diverse community. Living within a diverse community can be difficult because different people have different personalities, perspectives, and traditions. This can cause the student to grow mentally and learned new ideologies though. However, there are students who are not willing to meet new people which can caused them to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. This is why it is important for students to be open minded and to learn to interact with others because a starting point can require this.

Overall every person starts a new chapter in their life at some point: some moments can be difficult than others but they can always over come in by finding a way to make that moment better. In addition, every person should be open and welcome to experience new moments. People should also be able to decide when their new starting point is.