(Photo courtesy of Donnie Escobedo)
Garfield Senior High School

Bulldogs with a big bite

On Oct. 24, Garfield took a trip to South Gate High to compete for the Eastern League title. Upon their arrival, the Bulldogs were wearing their navy colors giving the South Gate Rams the impression that they would be competing in dark colors. Little did South Gate know that the Bulldogs actually planned to wear their white jerseys for a white-out game against the Rams. Rumors, speculations and trash talking had risen about both teams and both crowds fed the flames of intensity as the clock moved  closer to kickoff.

The Bulldogs had one mission and one mission only, take the Eastern League title and go home, but the Rams didn’t go down without a fight. Early in the game both teams were off to a slow start, committing penalty after penalty. The Bulldogs needed a clear plan to ensure their victory. At the end of the second quarter, Garfield was leading South Gate, 8-6.

After Garfield fell behind, 19-8, during the third quarter, Jordan Palmar intercepted a pass and returned it for a 42-yard touchdown paving the path for a 23-19 victory for the Bulldogs.

“I was feeling as if I can’t let my team down, I had to give my team the momentum and motivation to come back and win the game” Palmar said after the game. “I know I couldn’t have had that touchdown without my team being there with me.”

Palmar, along with the rest of the Bulldogs, rejoiced and enjoyed their victory and are now the Eastern League Champions.

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