Garfield Senior High School

Celebrity drama: Why do we care?

When Beyoncé threw shade at Jay-Z in her “Lemonade” album the whole world went nuts. Every time Taylor Swift finds a new romantic partner and (as history has proven time and time again) breaks up with them, people talk about the relationship as if they went to high school with the couple. And now people are going wild about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy. These celebrities don’t even know we exist, so why are they always at the top of everybody’s global agenda?

No matter how much someone says they don’t like drama, no person seems to be able to resist the classic “did you hear what she said?” Gossip like this is usually directed toward somebody in the local neighborhood, community, and even throughout families. So why are A-list celebrities included in our daily dose of gossip? They don’t live in our neighborhoods and they certainly aren’t a part of our families. They’re virtually nothing to us except our entertainment so what’s the fun in talking about them?

Of course, talking about family members or peers is fun because there’s that hint of mystery in them, that feeling of, “do you think?…what if?…I heard from… Maybe…” But with celebrities there’s hardly any secrets. A huge part of  their lives are up on the internet, so what’s there to talk about? People make a big deal when they see celebrities doing things in public as if being famous makes them any less human.

Now that’s not to say that Bruce Jenner turning into Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t a big deal. But sometimes celebrities do crazy things that are definitely worth talking about, however trying to make a big deal about somebody being a jerk to the paparazzi is ridiculous.

It’s time we step back and ask ourselves why we care in the first place? Is there just not enough to talk about in our everyday lives? Do we absolutely need somebody or something to always hate on? And most importantly, do these celebrities actually affect our everyday lives?

For the most of us, celebrity drama does not have an actual impact on our lives. I promise you people, there are more important things out there than the beef between Swift and Katy Perry. Following drama in your immediate life, at the very least, keeps you in touch with the world that matters the most.

We should leave celebrities to put us in awe on the “big stage” or when they decide to do something impactful in the real world, like donating tons of money to charity. Pursuing their lives religiously is kind of creepy if you put some thought into it. How would any of you feel if somebody knew your height, weight, birthmarks, all the relationships you’ve been in, all the recent interests you’ve began following and how many times a day you poop?

So people, I encourage you to get out there and start some drama on your own, or at least find something to keep you busy because following celebrity drama isn’t going to get you anywhere in life except in the graveyard of things people used to care about along with all the other celebrity drama trash.