Garfield Senior High School

Children and technology

Parents can restrict many things on their child’s phone, such as the amount of time they are able to use technology and what they can view. Though Apple has these restrictions, most parents don’t have the time to constantly keep track of what their child is doing on a day-to-day basis, let alone what they’re doing on their phone. Therefore, the blame doesn’t lie within the company who produces the phone or the child but the parent who buys it for the child.

Technology today has undeniably changed most of our lives, for most of us own a cellular device and are constantly on it. This could be bad because it could  lead to kids rarely going outside to play and may be linked to childhood obesity, obesity rates come in as low at 19% and as high as 37%.

Phones are also a huge distraction for kids of all ages. They may want to be on YouTube instead of finish homework or study. This type of behavior is bad because it creates a habit of procrastination. Children today can also let  drama from social media distract them. Although social media is a good way for kids to interact it can easily take away someone’s privacy. This can be dangerous for kids who use their phones unmonitored and do not know who exactly they’re talking to. There are dangerous types of people out there who say they are someone they’re not and can easily trick smaller children, this could possibly be harmful because they have a chance of getting kidnapped about 74% of those children being girls.

Thus, we are seeing that phones and technology essentially take away a child’s childhood due to the fact that the majority of children in today’s era don’t go outside to play with others. Instead, children stay inside, playing Minecraft or watching Youtube videos. Technology also takes away a child’s social skills when it comes to making friends with other kids.  Instead, their phone satisfies their need for social interaction and entertainment. Although this may be beneficial for parents, technology really is preventing children from interacting with other and developing important social skills.

Ultimately if a child is to get a phone at such a young age it’s the parents job to make sure that they aren’t doing anything bad and that they aren’t talking to random people on the internet. It’s also their responsibility to stop them from using their devices all day and force them to still go out and interact with other children and have time for studies at school. Although phones were meant for the convenience of people it can cause many problems with smaller kids specifically because if they’re young age and how they can be so gullible.

Children below the age of 13 shouldn’t be allowed to have a phone and if they do get one the parents should restrict the amount of time they can use it for the safety of the kid. This would allow for more productive and social children who would have a lot more time for studies rather than being lazy and being on their devices all day. Companies do not have all the blame for kids being so addicted to their phones. The responsibility lies on parents to control how their children use technology.