Garfield Senior High School

Consequences of Technology

To what extent has technology impacted the minds of the youth? Technology is recognized as an advancement in today’s high-tech world and there are many benefits of incorporating technology in various ways.

Nevertheless, there is also a negative side in overuse of technology that can have serious and long-term consequences. For instance, technology can change the way children think, especially in a negative way.

An article in Psychology Today states “that the use of technology can alter the actual wiring of the brain.” In other words, technology changes the way the brain works.

The same article also concludes that more than a third of children under the age of two use mobile media. Who would have thought? What’s worse is that the number only increases as children grow up with 95 percent of teens ages 12-17 spending time online.

In addition, the article says that children that overuse technology may not have the opportunity to use their imagination to read and think deeply and understand the material. Therefore, too much screen time, and not enough time spent on other activities such as reading or exercise, will result in children having their brains rewired.

Another negative aspect of technology is that too much screen time can affect a child’s mood. According to the Office of National Statistics, “children who access computer games for four hours a day are less happy than those exposed to technology for less than 60 minutes.”

This means that young people exposed to modern technology are less likely to display high levels of “well-being.” This is important because if children are spending four or more hours online, then they have less physical contact with others, which results in having difficulty developing valuable social and emotional interactions.

Technology can also put privacy and safety at risk. For example, in 82 percent of online sex crimes against children, sex offenders used social networking sites to get information about the victim. Hence, it’s important to be cautious about putting personal information online or communicating with strangers.

Overall, we can say that cutting out all technology is not an option because it will be impossible to do so since we use it to make our lives easier. However, there are ways parents and teachers can experience the benefits of technology without the negative aspects, such as monitoring the use of technology, teaching responsible usage and becoming familiar with technology. In other words we must continue to monitor the physical and emotional effects cell phone usage has on youths.