A still from Disney's "Coco."
Garfield Senior High School

Disney Does It Again: ‘Coco,’ a must-see movie

As you may have seen on your Twitter timeline or on TV, Disney has come out with a new animated movie rich with Hispanic culture and the holiday Dia de los Muertos, entitled “Coco.” I recently went to see this film and I must say — Disney has a very impressive talent for making me fall in love with movies.

The movie begins with a young boy telling the story of a family consisting of a mother, father, and young daughter. The mother and father were deeply in love, but the father also had a strong, addicting passion for music as he was a musician and dreamed of playing for the world. One day, the father packed up his bags and left his family to pursue his dream in music. Heartbroken and angry because of his departure, the mother banned music from the household and family forever.

The mother in this tragic story grows to become the great-great matriarch and the ban on music continues to live in the family, in which her now great-great grandson Miguel suffers and despises. Miguel loves music and dreams of one day being a musician like Ernesto de la Cruz, a legend in his hometown, in music and Miguel’s idol. As Miguel dreams of playing music and his family continues to have a strong hatred for it, the plot becomes more and more interesting from then on.

After the movie was over, I was able to interview people in the theater who had just watched the movie with me. One of the viewers stated, “The movie had a good story to it and I was immediately hooked from the beginning. It was funny and sad.”

My friend, Christina Felix, who had watched the film with me was very impressed with the teachings of Hispanic culture.

“The movie lived up to the Hispanic culture and their ways of life. Everything was right and I loved the fact that they’re now teaching other races of young children a little bit about our heritage,” Felix said.

As the film goes on, you are taken down a very funny, shocking and heartwarming journey. Now there has been many claims and comments about the plot of “Coco” as it is a story based on Hispanic culture.

“Coco” has all the elements of making a perfect film; It was entertaining with very many comedic scenes featured, the plot had many shocking twist and turns to it, you never knew what was going to happen next, and it was a very touching story family and similar to the themes of “Lilo & Stitch,” nobody gets left behind, supporting one another, forgiving, and reuniting. It is most definitely, a hundred percent, a must see.

“Coco” is on Netflix now.