Garfield Senior High School

East Los Angeles students walk out to call for unity

On Monday at 8:30 a.m., students from multiple East Los Angeles high schools organized a march and rally against hate and racism. The mission was to unify their peers and stand up against the heightened discrimination that has been brought forth by the comments made by President-elect Donald Trump and others.

Students first walked out of Garfield High School later meeting up with others from multiple high schools such as Mendez, Torres, De La Hoya and Roosevelt at the Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights.

Once all students were united in solidarity, they peacefully proceeded with their march to L.A. City Hall, where news outlets reported an estimated 4,000 students gathered.img_3984 img_3995 img_4010 img_4014 img_4016 img_4022 img_4025 img_4039 img_4063 img_4064 img_4068 img_4076 img_4080 img_4092 img_4100 img_4124 img_4160 img_4162 img_4185 img_4191 img_4214