Garfield Senior High School

From her point of view

Guadalupe Andrade, also referred to as “Lupe” to everyone and to anyone, loves to eat anything from pineapple pizza to coctel de camaron. However, she dislikes the consumption of any kind of meat and chicken. She is, therefore, considered a pesco-vegetarian and proud to be one.

She has been involved in numerous sports such as tennis, girls’ football, and swimming, and has run the Los Angeles marathon four years in a row and plans to run another one this upcoming fall. Her goal this upcoming fall is to run the marathon in four hours and thirty minutes.

Another thing she loves and enjoys doing is reading all sorts of books from mystery to classical literature.

She is currently a senior at James A. Garfield High School who has been on the honor roll all three years. She also has accumulated over 18 different medals from the variety of races she has run with Students Run L.A. (SRLA). She is very proud to have made the playoffs for her tennis team last fall  playing doubles with her partner Lily.

Lupe plans to one day serve her community by helping those in need and creating and promoting a positive community.