Garfield Senior High School

Gentrification in 2018

Gentrification affects many people in many different neighborhoods. This is because people all react differently. Some neighborhoods such as those in Boyle Heights don’t like new places like coffee shops to open up due to the fact that it ruins culture. It’s also bad because new places being opened up near houses can cause the rent to increase dramatically depending on the store that opened up. Depending on the store it’s also possible for the cost and rent to decrease. This is bad for the people who moved into neighborhoods brought in by low rents because they can’t afford much. Gentrification then causes them to move out and try to find cheaper places to live.

However for the upper classes gentrification isn’t seen as bad but good because they want newer things in their area or around them. Gentrification also somewhat affects crime rates. According to statistics, analysis of crime rates between 1970 and 1984 tentatively indicates that gentrification leads to some eventual reduction in personal crime rates. Those more fortunate than others can afford the newer places and high prices that gentrification may cause. Gentrification is said to ruin the culture of some places because outsiders will renovate a store or place that had been there for ages and is considered to be a beautiful work of art in a neighborhood.

This can hurt the poor or those who wouldn’t be able to afford the higher rent and cause them to move out. This could hurt those people who move out because it would be more difficult to find another cheap place where they could also find work to support themselves. Gentrification is a problem because it benefits those in the middle to upper class more than it helps the lower class who have trouble making it with their cheap rent.

Gentrification isn’t anything new and has been happening for years however it can have bad side effects. For example in the 1950’s those living in the area of Chavez Ravine were evicted for the building of Dodger Stadium. This can be a prime example of what can still happen today and whole neighborhoods can be taken for the construction of something new which could negatively affect the residents that lived there.

Gentrification is slowly making its way to more and more neighborhoods and although it can be nice to have newer shops and stores nearby, overall it’s bad for us. People might see this as a good way to help neighborhoods by renovating them and keeping them up to date but in reality it’s hurting a lot of people. This should be stopped because it’s hurting residents in neighborhoods struggling with this problem and finding new places to live isn’t easy, as is finding a good job in the neighborhood to support a family.