Garfield Senior High School

Technology: good or bad?

Technology has been advancing in the last decade. Indeed, just about everyone today owns their very own technological device: a phone. These devices can be useful but, at the same time, they can affect us negatively. For instance, to some, technology is useful to communicate quickly and efficiently and obtain more information. On the other hand, technology can prevent teenagers from sleeping well, interacting with others in person, and properly paying attention in class or when doing homework.

Communicating with others is important, especially when you need to know something important such as a class assignment. If you were to forget a class assignment, you could potentially ask your teacher but the only possible way to contact them, after school, would be through email. Needless to say, in order to communicate with someone, we absolutely need technology. Since we won’t be able to tell them in person if they left home.

Yet, not only does technology enable quick communication, it also gives immediate access to something that you want to know. For example, if your teacher gave out an assignment for homework, you would have to use Google or other online websites in order to complete the assignment which serves as an additional example to the usefulness of technology in today’s world. Moreover, technology allows us to know the world’s news at any moment. We’re informed of events hundreds of millions of miles away in just a few seconds. Similarly, we’re always up to date on the latest fashion trends and daily, local news.

Nevertheless, technology can be addicting. Indeed, everytime our phone rings, we have the immediate impulse to pick it up. Technology can distract everyone from doing their homework or finishing an important assignment. Additionally, when it comes to family time, technology has utterly destroyed any personal contact or engagement we used to have with our family members. We simply don’t interact with our family anymore and instead, decide to stare at our phones for the entirety of a family dinner.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Having a technological device is beneficial but, at the same time, it can be quite addicting. Everyone should have a limit on when to use the device and when they shouldn’t use it. Youth shouldn’t be utterly attached to their phones as if it were their only life line. They should go out with families and friends more often and explore new things together. Enjoying each others company and making memories. Using the device only for good purposes.