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Gun control in California and other states

Guns have been the topic of discussion since the beginning of the new year, and, really, since our country was founded.

Recently, the state of California has started to make new laws that will soon be voted on to help secure and manage guns within the state. The state has started to establish regulations on rifles and other gun related objects such as gun magazines and gun barrels. The state has been waiting for these new gun laws to come into effect mainly because there is no use for these attachments on a gun that you should only be allowed to have if you are at a gun range or at war.

California has also set up notices so that ammunition vendors have to register for an annual license before they begin to sell any ammunition. This also applies to corporations and enterprises who sell 500 rounds of ammunition within a 30 day period.

In particular, a law that the state of California has passed that has been in effect since January 1, 2017 is the “Bullet Buttons” which is essentially a revision of what is considered an assault rifle. This also applies to owners of assault rifles that have not registered their rifles to register their guns before the date of June 30, 2018.

Yet, these are not the only actions that the state has taken recently, the state has also conducted statewide gun searches that have helped find gun owners that own illegal firearms in the  state of California. News outlets such as CNN have reported on a male being arrested for owning an abundant amount of firearms, three being assault rifles.

The measures that the state of California has taken to reinforce its gun laws have been efficient. Although the state has done a good job of enforcing its gun laws, gun control can be improved by simply banning the use of assault rifles. The ban of assault rifles such as an AR-15 is essential, due to the huge role it’s played in school shootings due to its size and mobility. This can really be a large improvement to the gun laws in California and the safety of its residents.

California along with other states have all made strides in their gun laws. For example, Florida governor Rick Scott recently signed into law many gun limitations. These laws vary from moving the age of purchasing a gun from 18 years old to 21 years old to allowing only certain school personnel to carry firearms. Additionally, Florida has also banned the open carry of guns. The steps that these states have taken to tighten their gun laws have been a positive step forward. Let’s hope this reform continues.