Garfield Senior High School

How gentrification can affect you

Gentrification is the matter of renovating and making a run-down house or district conform to middle class taste. Gentrification can affect you and others that live in your neighborhood by bringing the rent/price of your house, and the houses of your neighborhood, up.

When you fix an old rundown house and modify the house to conform to middle class taste it also makes the price of the houses around it go up in price. Many people in many different neighborhoods all over the U.S. are experiencing the effects of gentrification.

For example, the neighborhood in which I used to reside in located in City Terrace has now become gentrified. That neighborhood has now become home to many gentrifying families. Now, I reside in Boyle Heights where gentrification has also become a problem to many of the residents.

Most recently is the addition of a Cafe on Soto and Cesar Chavez called Weird Wave Cafe which has sparked protests, particularly through social media. Additionally, many new art galleries scattered throughout Boyle Heights have also been protested for gentrifying the community.

Many of the residents of Boyle Heights do not like the fact that their community is becoming gentrified because they are terrified their rent will increase, or that these new additions to the neighborhood will bring a change that the residents do not desire, like the loss of cultural and communal identity.

Although many of the local residents of Boyle Heights fear gentrification, it’s not all that bad. As stated before, gentrification can bring the price of a neighborhood up which would, in turn, generate a lot more money for the community to invest or spend.

Not only is gentrification making people money but it is also an invitation for new people to come into a foreign neighborhood and spend money on local mom-and-pop shops such as Weird Wave Cafe.  Therefore, gentrification is not all bad, but whether it affects you negatively or positively depends on whether or not you rent or own a house or if you own a business.