Garfield Senior High School

I am no egotistic (or am I?)


My name is Derek A. Ramos Cuevas and I was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. I am currently a senior at Garfield High School and am in the works of applying to college.

I am known to have a very childish and kind personality while still maintaining the level of maturity needed to either complete any task at hand or have a well-rounded conversation on whatever topic present at the time. It’s curiosity that drives me to try new and different things when presented with the option and I encourage others to do the same if able to.

I am a ginormous fan of anime and comics, either marvel or DC. If you see me cause a commotion it really is only for comedic purposes or because I’m just really enthusiastic.

If I had a wish it would be to have a big impact on people to the point where they will always remember me. That may sound egotistical but at least I’m not lazy, right?

I believe that everyone is created equal and that diversity is to be taken advantage of in the sense that through it we can get a lot of different ideas and views on a considerable amount of subjects. Especially in the genre of journalism as it cannot all be one-sided.

I love my friends and have no fear of making new ones wherever I may find them. So, if you’re ever near me, hit me up.