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If Net Neutrality Was Gone

Photo Source: Business Insider

Net neutrality is becoming an issue the vast majority of Americans are willing to fight for because without it we won’t have the same service of the websites we visit everyday. Not only are we not going to have the same quality service, we are also not going to have the same access to entertainment that we enjoyed before. Net neutrality needs to continue being protected because not everyone is going to have the ability to pay for the fast service. With its recent removal, there are various consequences that may follow.

Net neutrality is significant in today’s society because our society depends on the use of social media. The Federal Communications Commission recently voted to get rid of the protections allowing net neutrality to exist, meaning that they have given control of internet speed to companies acting in their own interest. Many of us can be affected by this action because the slowdown of the internet would make us lose valuable time, whether it be for research, homework, or for social media. We need our technological devices to have equal internet service so we can be provided with valuable information we use on a daily basis.

The slowdown of the internet would also not be fair because we pay companies such as Netflix, Hulu, Verizon, Sprint, etc., to provide us with content and internet data that is “fast and reliable.”

When the loss of net neutrality begins to take effect, it will cost us a lot of money. Websites that we love to watch are not going to be available unless we pay for them. If the cost is too high, it’s likely that we will stop using these websites because most of us won’t have the money to pay for them.

Companies are most likely going to win more money out of this repeal, but they are not looking at the consequences that they can face. For example, they are going to lose customers that have been buying from them which will ultimately amount to a loss in profit.

The removal of net neutrality can also affect the jobs and income of many people that require people to have access to their online content. People who work with companies like YouTube would be affected the most because their audience wouldn’t be able to watch their videos anymore. They won’t have the same support they had before and won’t get the same amount of money they receive for the videos they make. Any hardworking YouTuber could lose their audience and potentially their job.

Net neutrality affects the way we live whether it be in homework, work, or even our own personal entertainment; we can all agree we depend on net neutrality. Net neutrality is not something we can afford to lose.

Those who are against net neutrality assume that without it, our economy will be boosted. People depend on this situation because many of these people provide for their families and it would be inhumane for us to dismantle a family. We must do what is right and vote for net neutrality and keep our services fully running.

After all, we love to watch a good film after a hard day at work and being charged would be a bitter taste to ourselves and our wallet.

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