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IRL streaming is a dangerous type of streaming

There are many types of streaming in today’s society. We stream movies, videos and music all throughout our daily lives. But with the introduction of social media and its usefulness to help share content with friends, our lives have become less private and more available to the public.

We’ve witnessed the introduction of daily vlogs, where people record their daily life and upload it to the internet for others to watch. This is all great; video blogs let people express themselves, but it can be edited. A video can be edited in a way to make it seem better or to take out negative experiences. The media that does not have this luxury is known as In Real Life Livestreaming. 

There are a few people who take on IRL Livestreaming as a job on platforms such as Youtube and Twitch. It takes a lot to do this job and make a decent living. It is because of this that not everyone can do it. It is difficult to build, as well as maintain a following.

An example of a successful livestreamer is Ice Poseidon. He livestreams nearly everyday and is always entertaining, as he frequently comes up with  new content. His personality and willingness to do things others would second guess is what makes him likable to his viewers.

For instance, he hosted an amatuer boxing tournament to “pre-show” the McGregor vs Mayweather boxing match. It was professional, until the police were called and the event was moved to someone’s backyard. He has also hosted a lot of tournaments for his hardcore fans to participate in.

His work has no editing, and it all happens live. It is a real stream with real content. It is a new genre that is changing how people may choose to express themselves and go about their daily lives.

Is this a problem? Should parents be scared of their children live streaming? For one, it discloses location and could pose a serious threat. Ice Poseidon has been exposed to serious issues, especially provoked by his followers in the chat. They have attempted to SWAT him live and have gotten him kicked out of multiple stores.

It is quite scary and can get very real. It is not the job just any person can take. This goes for all types of livestreamers. It poses severe risks to the point that some people have died from people in the chat calling in false reports.

Streaming goes far beyond the common sources that we have all heard of. This type of streaming happens everyday and is a hustle that people take on. In the end, it is just another means of working and fulfilling the American dream. It is quite different from the common job, but still the same effort.