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Mike Pence: The better alternative?

Photo courtesy of Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

Facing an abundant and growing amount of evidence of presidential wrongdoing involving obstruction of justice, Donald J. Trump could very possibly be facing future impeachment.

Granted, there have been only two presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, in all of the United States history who were successfully removed from office. Yet, President Trump could very well become the third. It’s now time, then, to consider the possibility of Trump’s second-in-line, Mike Pence, assuming the potential role of president.

If Mike Pence were to undertake the responsibilities of U.S. president, the American people might have to increase their concern about with his political beliefs, which admittedly give rise to various red flags. Although Pence’s odds at becoming the leader of the free world aren’t particularly high, it is possible; and that should be disconcerting for the nation.

Indeed, if we think Trump is too right-leaning in his policy making, we haven’t seen anything yet. Vice President Mike Pence has repeatedly shown adamant belief in conversion therapy – a “scientific” practice used to change an individual’s sexual orientation- or, at least, he did before becoming Vice President.

Moreover, Pence’s stance against the LGBTQ+ community is blatantly problematic and delirious, as is evident by his 2006 speech where Pence urges House members to support the anti-gay Marriage Protection Act by warning them that same-sex marriage will lead to the “deterioration of the family” and even “societal collapse.”

But, it doesn’t stop there. Unlike Donald Trump, a self-made businessman who sought little financial help or support from outside forces during his presidential campaign, Mike Pence has sought out sponsorships and support from rich donors at almost every turn.

Perhaps, Trump’s only appeal is his independence and resourceful presidential disposition. Indeed, even despite raising exponentially less money than rival candidate, Hillary Clinton, Trump successfully became the 45th president and he did so without seeking monetary sponsorships or support.

In turn, Trump’s lack of contact with special interest groups before his presidency has created an image of a free-will and solo administration, one that makes decisions and drafts policies without the influence of wealthy, external organizations, even if it such a perception doesn’t hold true one year later.

All that would change, however, if Pence were to become president. Pence almost never acts alone and especially not without contacting or consulting his rich donors. His connections to different PACs and special interest groups, such as AT&T, the big drug maker, Sunovion Pharmaceutical and the private prison industry, CoreCivic, run deep. Indeed, satisfying the needs and interests of big name organizations, instead of the American people, could be the top priority for Pence.

That said, we might want to reconsider our wishes for Trump’s impeachment. Trump certainly is the belligerent, orange-skinned, mad-man we all think he is but Pence isn’t any better. If Pence were to assume office, we would have to be more vigilant of the administration than ever. The presidential office has to face constant scrutiny and critical inspection from all of us, only then could we combat the flawed political ideologies of Pence if he were to ever become president.

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