Garfield Senior High School

Op-Ed: Is America the Gun?

Are guns even safe at this point? That’s a question that I always ask myself every day due to the fact that all these recent tragedies are due to guns. The main cause of the fatality during the unfortunate event are guns to blame.

Or are people to blame and not the guns because people are the ones who control what and when they shoot. That is a question that I ask every time there is a mass shooting somewhere around the world. Over the past months there has been many mass shootings around the world but mainly in the united states of America, can this be because the gun safety proposal here in the United States not much seen into.

Or is it that the government doesn’t do anything to protect the lives of all these innocent people where the mass shooting have occurred. Not only is this a problem for our families but it’s also a problem for the safety of everyone whether they go to a school or a business a shopping center or even a concert where many people attend to.

Today, the people want to make a new reform to make the age to be able to buy a gun higher than 18-years-old because from what it seems the mass shooters are mainly teens and people who have bought a gun legally but used it in a way to harm people.

One thing I’ve got to say is that the people who sell the guns should have more better background checks towards the people who are buying the gun. Not only should they check their criminal record but they should also check their physical record.

What I mean by that is that they should check if they’re mentally stable in order to buy a gun if they are then they would go ahead a give them the gun. But if they are not then that can provoke a future tragedy. People today want the legal age required to buy a gun to be 21-years-old and I agree. I feel when you are at around that age you seem to get more mature on what and what not to do.

If a regular teen who is 18-years-old buys a gun and has remorse against, let’s say their past school teachers if anybody, that has caused them harm in the past, they can go buy a gun and possibly cause a tragedy.

In the news they have said that the house of representatives have passed a law in Florida where guns are now able to be held by teachers in classrooms in Florida. But the mayor of Florida still is arguing on whether or not to pass this law because he wants to make sure that everybody is safe. He doesn’t just want to say yes to this law right away because he is thinking about the safety of the students and the teachers. I feel that if they would allow this law to pass then it would maybe cause more tension with the students and the teachers.

And what if there is a tragedy? And the teacher has the gun? Would the teacher be willing to shoot that person? Would they be willing to do that or would they stay in panic and not do anything? Because who would want to shoot another human being? Yes, for their safety, they would do it… but think about it, would you do it?