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Opinion: Can gentrification help a community?

The word “gentrification” is not a negative word, yet it sends a shiver down the spines of many people, specifically low income communities that are affected.

Gentrification is seen by some residents as having positive outcomes for its ability to bring in more income and enhance a community. But the other half of residents have resentment against the idea because it would ruin the culture that the community holds dear.

Low income, gang affiliated, and crime filled communities are the main “targets” toward gentrification. People may refer to gentrification as being detrimental to a neighborhood’s  unique scenery and culture Others may view gentrification positively because it offers an opportunity for less crime, gangs, and more homes for wealthier residents.

There is a lot of controversy coming from the Boyle Heights area because of its rich history and background. Many people in the predominantly Latino area are protesting gentrification because they would rather see the community that they grew up in rather than a new community that has no official background and history to it.  This is just one of the many areas in Latino communities that has started a future of slowly but certain gentrification.

Another area that has really been affected by gentrification is South L.A., formerly and commonly still known as South Central. The area used to be predominately African American, but after decades passing the area has more Latinos now. It wasn’t until the L.A. Riots that the city did decide to do something.

It took them about a decade to really do something about the community, and the gang violence going on. The area around the University of Southern California has gone under gentrification and has not affected that many people in finances. Instead it has helped them out not just beauty wise, but there is not as much gang violence as there once was.


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