Garfield Senior High School

Opinion: Guns, dangerous but necessary

Gun control and the use of guns have become  bigger topics as more school shootings happen across the nation. These tragic events lead us to an overwhelming question: how can we regulate guns to stop shootings and keep guns out of the wrong hands. Although other countries have faced gun control, the U.S. has had the most problems when it comes to solving the issue, even with similar factors. Guns are dangerous, but there are precautions that someone may like to have at home in case of an emergency.

As a result of the recent shooting, schools have started implementing armed security in their campuses such as Garfield. This is but the first step in keeping students safe, but there are still other necessary precautions that schools should implement. One example would be to hold  practice shooting drills that will help prepare students in case the traumatic occurs at their school.

It would teach students what to do and where to go and stay safe against the dangers of a shooter. It is after all, better to be safe than sorry. Schools should also plan more random checks in classrooms. This can help make sure that students are bringing appropriate materials to school as well as help insure that no weapons are being brought in.

There have also been debates on whether or not school districts should arm teachers. Some may argue that this would also be a smart thing. However, allowing teachers to bear arms in a class may not be the best solution. First of all, finding a safe place to keep the gun may be difficult and if its not properly hidden, there is a chance that a student may get their hands on the gun.

This becomes an antithetical solution; it allows a student more access to the danger it is meant to stop. Another problem with would be  that a vast majority of teachers don’t have the experience to efficiently handle a gun. Even with training, there is a big difference in learning to shoot and being in a real life crisis where a life must be taken in order to save others. This could become a big burden for a teacher to carry on their shoulders

While schools are working on better ways to keep their schools safe, there should be some change in regulating what types of guns are allowed to the public. Firearms that are auto or semi-automatic, such as assault rifles, are not necessary to the ordinary person. Assault rifles should not be able to be bought by anyone because of the danger they can cause to those around. This does not mean that all weapons should be banned from public use. Handguns offer a solution to both sides. They are more accessible, easily hidden, and they can’t cause nearly as much damage as an assault rifle.Although they are still dangerous, they can be used as a compromise for every party involved.  

Buying any type of gun should more difficult to accomplish. Eighteen-year-olds should not be allowed to buy guns. In fact, the age requirement should be changes to 21 or older. Any individual should also be required to keep a two week waiting period before obtaining their firearm.

Guns aren’t necessarily bad as long as they’re not in the wrong hands. Therefore, making guns harder  to own should keep these weapons from being misused on the streets as well as in homes.