Garfield Senior High School

Opinion: How a gun can teach in class

Recently, a school shooting took place in the state of Florida that unfortunately involved the death of multiple students and faculty members.

Due to this incident, and many others that like it this year, President Trump believes that teachers should be given the right to carry firearms in school. This plan sounds downright foolish, but is there a small chance that something so ridiculous like this might work? As risky as it sounds no one really knows if this strategy will truly solve the school shooting problems in America.

What we do know is that some teachers will most likely be having fun with their newly given “teaching tool”.  With this lack of safety protocol, their may be more chances for an incident So what is the best way to stop another shooting just in case a student gets the teachers gun? That answer is so simple that no one would ever think about it: more guns.

Not only will more guns help prevent more shootings, they will also help teachers keep kids on their feet.  If a gun is given to the teacher students will actually start paying attention and they will actually do their homework. Teachers will no longer need to verbally discipline their, they can just threaten them with a gun that is allowed by schools.

Not only is a gun the answer to everything when it comes to school and learning, but it is really warm when fired. If there is ever an extremely cold day the teacher can fire off some shots and keep their hands nice and warm.

Now, what happens if a teacher decides not to carry a gun because of the possibility of misfiring and possibly hurting a student? Fear not, teachers and students, because along with that gun will come a salary bonus for the teachers and a free ride to the hospital for the kids.

While it may seem like a bribe for teachers, because let’s face reality, that’s what it is, once a teacher becomes accustomed to their gun it will be win win situation.

After all, what teacher wouldn’t get the pleasure of keeping their students safe and disciplined at the same time, it’s killing two birds with one stone. Not only will it do those two things, but if anyone ever tries to terrorize another school again, you best believe that those teachers will be locked and loaded, and hopefully they don’t miss every shot.