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Opinion: Support Future YouTubers

During the past few years, YouTube has become popular among teens from all over the world. With this influence, more and more teens want to become YouTubers. Although this might seem like a bad thing to parents, it’s not all bad.

Many parents don’t like their kids being on YouTube because of the bad influence that some YouTubers place on their children. One example would be the Paul brothers, who recently uploaded a video of a man who committed suicide. This video gained a lot of attention and concern from many parents.

Parents also believe that YouTube is a waste of time and that their kids should be focusing on school. However right they may be, parents need to know that not all YouTubers are bad influences. In fact, many have inspired kids and teens all over the world to become better people.

YouTubers such as Markiplier and Superwoman not only make entertaining content, but they also talk about daily struggles that teens might be going through. Topics such as depression, pressure from school, or family problems are only a few of the issues that they address aside from their regular content.

There are YouTubers who have a special connection with their fans that lets them express themselves and tell them how they’re feeling, just like family. In this way, communities are formed among people all around the world, with the YouTuber being the person that brings them together.

It’s YouTubers like these that inspire teens to become a YouTuber, not for the fame, but in order to be a positive role model for others and create their own content on their own or with their friends. We all know that technology enables us to express ourselves, so it’s no surprise why teens would want to become YouTubers.

It is understandable why parents would be concerned when their children say they want to become a “YouTuber” as a job and a living. Parents get worried because not everyone makes it as a YouTuber and many don’t want this to be their kid’s future, but there is a solution.

As parent to child, you should be able to understand each other and work something out. If a teen wants to become a YouTuber and wants this as a job, they should go for it but still have a back up. Wanting to become a YouTuber does not mean you should forget about college altogether.

We all know that not everyone is going to like all Youtube content, so if it doesn’t work out, we’ll still have a back up. This way parents won’t be so concerned and we’ll have support from each other. So instead of arguing and saying things like “you’ll never make a living out of this” or “this is a waste of time,” parents should support their kids as long as they have a backup plan and know what kind of content they’re posting.