Opinion: The current era of our youth with technology

Today’s technology has made us way too addicted to our phones, computers or anything that may consist of technology. I myself may be addicted to these technological things, for example my phone and computer at home. I use my phone most of the day either at school or at home.

Now it’s not just me but also many people around the world who have access to this technology. And this may be a really bad thing for today’s society because many people are getting too attached to their phones that there have been accidents that could have been prevented but the phones were the main cause of those accidents.

Now a day people have a cell phone or even a laptop… tell me if you have seen a teen without a phone like an iPhone or tablet. Now-a-days, every single teen has a phone, and as technology gets better and more people are getting to use this technology.

People are even starting to have jobs that consist of having to be on the phone or on the computer. This is starting to get out of hand because sooner or later jobs will be online instead of face to face. Like let’s say there may be no more jobs at the bank because everything will be digital. And this is going to affect the community because there will be a large rate of job losses and unemployment and this will leave many people without a job and all because of this technology taking over.

Also it’s not just the teens and youth that are addicted to this technology, it’s also the little babies that use this technology trap. I personally have seen babies that cry when the parents take away the phone from the babies hands. Now that is becoming a problem for the parents and for the babies because the babies are getting used to the technology and they haven’t even fully developed yet.

I didn’t get a phone until I was like in the eighth grade and it wasn’t even that advanced of a phone it was one of those flip Motorola phones. Now a day the average third grader has at least some type of technology at home or either with them. And that is bad because now the younger youth of today have technology and you never know who may be there on the internet trying to message them or trying to get to them some way.

Many people don’t see this as a problem but I personally do think this is a big problem because it is affecting the future of our generation. If we don’t stop this addiction then sooner or later people will have phones literally glued to their face.

I know that technology is getting advanced rather quickly and I hope that I won’t have to live the generation where we would have phones as our number one necessary utility. But as time is passing by it seems like this generation may be that generation that technology rules this generation.

I just hope that this technology won’t be a cause of a lot of problems in this world. Yes I know there are benefits of having technology but it’s mainly more effective than beneficial to us the users of this technology.

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