Photo illustration courtesy of the Dallas AFL-CIO Council
Garfield Senior High School

Opinion: The fall of the arts

School — I know the sound and thought of it is tiresome, but does it always have to be like that whenever the word “school” is mentioned? Well apparently the school district believes that whenever you think of school you should only focus on the core requirements that you must fulfill.

They have decided to cut more of the arts that give the students the fun time and great experiences that are associated with the thought of school. You see many of the great memories students have are in the classes that are not strenuous, classes that let you express yourself and your artistic point of view or your opinions.

Many of the classes are being cut out of the school and this is a major problem because without many of these classes such as journalism, how are the students allowed to speak up about how they feel about a certain topic? If this class was not available to me or many of my peers, then many of us would not have been able to speak up about how we feel about topics such as the recent school shootings or our president cutting the funding for DACA. Without this class we would not have been able to let the world and adults know how we feel about the current state of our country.

Why are the arts (the only fun a student can associate with school) always being cut down? When there is a budget cut or low funding for a school the first classes at the top of the list are always the arts. These classes are always being cut out of the school and no longer continued do to lack of funding or low budgets.

This should not be happening we need more of these classes to let students express themselves so that can students discover who they are as a person. We need these classes so that the future students can become interested in school and become involved in the extracurriculars. Without these classes none of these things can become possible for the current and future students to express their opinions. These classes are the classes that are important because they help form and encourage students to become more of an open book and involved in school meetings.