Garfield Senior High School

Opinion: Vegan stereotypical assumptions

Many individuals automatically assume that vegans only eat green vegetable, salads, and fruits. But vegans are people who do not eat any type of meat, consume any type of dairy, and refrain from using any animal bi products. As a matter of fact, I happen to live with a vegan who eats cupcakes, pizza, and everything that carnivores eat except it’s all plant-based and food packaged alternatives.

Along the same lines, vegans can eat plant-based hamburgers with quinoa seeds, black beans, and vegetable ingredients. Therefore, the featured meme is an excellent example of assumptions people come up with because it demonstrates that vegans are judged by the stereotypes persistent in society.

No, vegan cupcakes are not even made with vegetables; they are made with delicious, cruelty-free whip cream, non-dairy milk, and unbleached all-purpose flour like any other regular cupcake out there. In fact, vegan cupcakes taste better than regular cupcakes and they are way healthier as well.

I like this meme because it shows that there is a certain ignorance out there when it comes to understanding vegans. Many are not aware that vegans eat almost the same foods as any other person. Hence, I just want to make it clear that vegans eat delicious cupcakes that are definitely not necessarily made of any sort of vegetables and they are one hell of a treat.

Moreover, I have seen how many people believe that all vegans and vegetarians eat is tofu and, on the flipside, have experienced the rude comments firsthand that come along with being vegan or vegetarian. For instance, people always say “is salad all you eat” and obviously the answer is no. In fact, I don’t even eat salads on a daily basis, but I do eat other foods such as pasta, rice, veggie burgers, pizza, ice-cream, fruits, and legumes. I’m a pesco-vegetarian so I only consume fish or other seafood and I have been judged because many people don’t think I consume enough protein with the foods I eat.

Although I don’t consume chicken or meat, I do eat eggs, which carry a large amount of protein, and alternative meats that are made specifically for vegans and vegetarians. Therefore, this meme is a perfect example that demonstrates the reality of what people think of vegans and the foods they consume.

At the end of the day, vegans laugh because they know that, in reality, they eat healthy and eat some really delicious foods.

People often believe that if you don’t consume any sort of meat you will eventually get sick, but that’s not the case. It has been proven that people can live on a plant-based lifestyle. In fact, nowadays it has been mentioned that consuming red meat such as pork, beef, and lamb is a probable cause of bowel cancer. Therefore, this meme describes that someone could live without any sort of meat and people should be aware of this because people could live a healthier lifestyle.  Thus, it should be known that being vegan or vegetarian is not a diet but a lifestyle that could benefit many who are suffering from all sorts of diseases.

People need to realize that not consuming any sorts of meats is actually really beneficial and will help people live longer.