Garfield Senior High School

Opinion: Why start anew?

Starting from scratch is that quite frankly what we try to avoid at all times. We see starting “new” as a struggle to start again. We think of the effort that we will have to devout into the “new” that we forget about why we are thinking about change.

The tantamount of effort that it takes scares us and does little to persuade us into thinking that “new” is worth it.  What many don’t see is that beginning again is one of the greatest experiences because of the “new” — new people, new cultures, new ideas, new anything. Beginning from nothing has many advantages, and many of us seniors need to stop being lazy in order to take the opportunity of “new” in full strides.

Let me compare a new experience with that of writing. Whether or not you write often, we all have a certain way that we write anything, How we begin a new piece, paragraph, or even a sentence, we use pre-existing structures that we have set for ourselves. As students, the constant assignments begin to make our writing bland and maybe an exact copy of other things that you have written. Although our writing style is unique to us, it is not unique if it doesn’t change.

The same goes for works of art. When we see the artworks that certain artists create, there is something in is art that stands out to us. Normally it is in every painting they create, this is why we are quite found on their art, or their style but what happens when that art style become bland or we get sick and tired of looking at the same thing.

We lose interest and it is up to the artist the find a new way to invigorate his art. He can, as well as those writing literature, can start anew, from the beginning, doing this all over again. As taxing as that may seem, it is an effective method that makes you think about new ideas.

From a new beginning you can find another structure that is vastly different then what you are accustomed to, this makes your works different than your old ones and causes attention to those who read them. The same goes for artists, instead of drawing the same way, artists can try a different manner of art. This makes his new works of art pop with the onlookers and see how his art can change. This entices people and attracts them to his art.

This idea can be applied to our everyday lives, especially when they become dull and hard to go through. We, as humans, can not do the thing over and over again because we get bored of it, we have a small attention span. This is present in anything from reading, looking at art, and even going through out our day.

The feeling of redundancy is one nobody can get out of and what can you do to fix this, start a new beginning and when you start a new do thing vastly different then normal. Do not conform to the regular process in which you exist and find oh so boring. Be unpredictable because this way you cant get bored. Instead of allowing the daily routine do not and go wild do something you wouldn’t normally do. And when that gets bored start a new again and keep going. There is a never ending list of possibilities one can do and we must learn to follow that list. It’s the only way we can go on with out lives, by ending them and starting a new one.