My siblings on their phones while going out to have dinner completely ignoring me.
Garfield Senior High School

Opinion: Youth and Technology

Kids with cell phones are now completely normal. When parents don’t want to deal with their crying child they just hand them a cell phone.

I’ve seen that occur on many occasions at the market. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it because, hey, as long as the kid is quiet there’s no harm done. However, that moment of peace comes at the cost of something greater. That child is  automatically exposed to all types of content on the internet and the child becomes vulnerable to a technology addiction.

Today, gaining access to a smartphone is really easy apart from the price. Now, kids are no longer playing hide-n-seek outside and instead are playing Minecraft or that addicting Kim Kardashian game during family events.

Smart devices are, in my opinion, very fun. They supply you with many things like a calculator, camera, music, and even Netflix. It’s like a little device you have customized to have all your likes and interests. What could possibly be the problem?

I didn’t realize there was a problem until I caught myself being really attached to my smartphone. I was so attached that when I would charge my phone overnight I’d set it right next to my ear. I would even check my phone when it wouldn’t even vibrate, I would just flip it on too see my screen. Checking my home screen engendered a weird sense of satisfaction. Smartphones are dangerous.

What most parents don’t realize is that when they hand their cell phones or they provide their child with a cell phone they are introducing them to a whole new world. Sure, they only want to watch their favorite YouTuber but one click leads to another and next thing you know you don’t know what your child is watching.

When your child is on social media they become vulnerable to any other person using that site too. There have been many cases of kidnapping because of a child messaging a stranger.

Smart devices are also really addicting. According to some, smart devices give the same feeling of satisfaction as a drug.

According to the author Bethany Brookshire and her article “Explainer: What is dopamine,” dopamine is a chemical that can change moods and affect memory.

When receiving a text message, listening to the sound your phone gives creates a high level of dopamine releasing pleasure and a sense of happiness. In desiring to feel that happiness one might become addicted. That is why when in an awkward situation or when bored many resort to their phones because it makes them happy to see that their Instagram picture is getting many reactions. High levels of dopamine are also found in drug addicts, that’s why it is known that a cell phone can become just as addictive as drugs.

Really, I don’t believe that cell phones are the problem but everything they are able to provide. A cell phone should just be to call people and communicate with them. Also the age for when a person should be able to attain a cell phone should be addressed.

It is not normal that 7-year-old Paco has a cell phone that might affect his creative side because he will never produce his own ideas and opinions because since a young age he has been influenced by the internet. I can speak out of experience that the internet and social media make it so hard to be an individual. You become really focused on the way that other people are that you come to believe that is all you can be.