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Our nation’s dilemma

Guns, that’s what has captured the nation’s headlines these past couple of weeks. Having guns seems dangerous to some people, but others say that it’s a good idea to keep them for protection. Owning a gun in a household can cause an accident, but not having one when something bad happens can also have disastrous consequences.

Everyone has their own opinions on why guns are both dangerous and necessary. Guns are a necessary precaution, but only certain people should be allowed to own a gun.

Getting rid of guns is not the solution for the massacres that our nation has or will face. It is the people that handle them incorrectly that are at fault. This is why guns should be handled by trained professionals, like the military, police or anyone else with experience or that has gone through the necessary training.

An article in BBC News, “Colorado shooting: Four police officers injured, one dead,” said how they might have been ambushed. This article explains how the policemen were not ready to get the guy with the gun. Some of the policemen got injured and one policeman was killed. If guns would have been taken out of the equation, they wouldn’t have something to protect themselves.

On the other hand, guns should be controlled because they cause so much death. Countless students have died because of guns and shootings at schools across the country. They no longer feel safe in a place that is supposed to be safe. Now, anyone can get ahold of a gun easily, and sometimes it’s easier than getting ahold of alcohol.

The almost effortless action of buying a weapon has led to deaths on several occasions. This was the case in Florida where a teen boy got ahold of a gun and shot 17 students (BBC News). Unfortunately, this tragedy has happened countless times this past year, let alone in the last decade, just look for the number of school shooting just this past year.

Ultimately, both sides hold a solid argument. That is why changing laws regarding gun control is so controversial. However, we do not have the time to argue about what side is right or wrong. Something needs to change before more lives are lost.

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