Garfield Senior High School

Personal Narrative: Ends Into New Beginnings

As school soon comes to an end, the beginning of summer soon arrives. This time of year can be a strange one. Especially with school, it can seem more like an ending than a beginning. Though changes may be minor, you leave the routine of the school year behind and enjoy summer vacation before a new school year arrives.

For many, this is an exciting venture. New horizons offer new opportunities and life experiences. I feel the same way, but sometimes those new ventures can bring overwhelming anxiety. The nature of beginnings implies discomfort, a vital aspect of life that’s challenging but necessary for growth.

For some people, myself included, change comes with difficulty. When you reach a state of routine, the stability can create a very comfortable life. The safety and security feels integral. Life does not remain the same however, and that stability must go eventually. I, for one, experienced this at the end of my education in middle school.

Having to make a culminating speech on the ending of our middle school education and the new beginnings we will all face going forward seemed daunting. I wanted to create something that did not show fear and anxiety, but rather excitement and hope for the future. Hoping for something of this nature, I tried to actually write something and did, but in the end I didn’t use it.

The day of culmination, the anxiety made my speech feel flat, and so I did last thing I probably should have done: I winged it. I went up to the podium and came up with my whole speech on the spot. Thanking those who have been supportive and wishing my class the best for the beginnings to come, I delivered a solid speech.

Though it may not have been the most amazing speech, I managed to deliver something that I am proud of. It taught me a valuable lesson about these new beginnings. Sometimes you need to plunge headfirst into new territory.

I had no idea what would happen being so unprepared for something I deemed important. Yet through my ignorance I discovered more about myself and felt I became a better person because of it.

The anxiety people suffer from the fear of the unknown may be difficult to overcome, but it is possible. New beginnings are meant to be hopeful, and with a bit of courage they can be. I suppose, it really do be like that sometimes.