Garfield Senior High School

Saving Net Neutrality

The day was approaching… December 14, and users all over social media platforms were spreading messages to save net neutrality.

On Twitter alone, thousands of tweets reading #NetNeutrality urged others to text RESIST to 50409, where an automated bot would assist them in sending a letter to their nearest government officials. But the vast amount of people swarming the number with messages was too much for the bot’s capacity, which is indicative how much of the population was in favor of preserving net neutrality. Despite these efforts, however, December 14 arrived and a vote was held with a 3-2 party-line vote approving the repeal.

The FCC’s decision disappointed many and it’s created tension among users who fear for the future of the Internet. Nonetheless, many are hoping for Congress to interfere and overturn the decision.

Moreover, there are several pending lawsuits challenging the FCC’s ruling, meaning that net neutrality is not dead forever. Many users are still trending #NetNeutrality to create awareness and demonstrate their disapproval of the FCC’s decision. For now, we can only wait to see what further action will be taken.

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